Internal Audit Program Development

quality check logoInternal audits are one of most powerful (and underutilized) tools available. Internal audits promote self-evaluation and teamwork, and they provide an excellent opportunity to identify areas for correction (CAPA) as well as continual improvement. I can work on-site with you to develop an internal audit program including an audit schedule using Microsoft Outlook, and a hands-on workshop which incorporates internal auditor training with the completion of actual internal audits to get your program established quickly and effectively.

AUDIT PLAN SETUP – Includes on-site development of an internal audit plan using Microsoft Outlook with your internal audit manager, lead auditor or other internal audit leader.  This will incorporate your compliance requirements, systems requirements and process-in-practice audits, and lay out a plan of all audits for an entire year.

AUDIT PLAN PLUS AUDIT WORKSHOP – Includes AUDIT PLAN SETUP plus a 1-Day (or multiple day) on-site workshop with your internal audit team which includes internal auditor training as well as completion of actual audits according to your audit plan.