ISO9001;2015 52-Wk Challenge (Wk 40) 8.5.4 Preservation

preservation8.5.4 Preservation

Why don’t we just put our feet up this week?  We’re not even going to break a sweat.  Not only is the section easy, but there isn’t much in the way of changes.

“The organization shall preserve the outputs during production and service provision, to the extent necessary to ensure conformity to requirements.”  Gosh, this isn’t a hard one to sell.  It is, of course, in any organization’s best interest to protect outputs at each phase of provision until it becomes a saleable product or service.  There wouldn’t be much of a reason to begin making something (or stocking raw materials, packaging, etc) if the intent were anything other than ultimately becoming a saleable product/service.

“NOTE  Preservation can include identification, handling, contamination, control, packaging, storage, transmission or transportation, and protection.”  ISO9001:2015 provides a little clarity adding “contamination” and “transmission or transportation” (in place of delivery).  This helps move along the idea of the standard applying to services and intangibles, rather than just manufactured items.  Pretty simple stuff.


There IS no homework!  This section is too easy to actually have required actions or reading.  Enjoy your week and if you’ve fallen behind in other areas, take this opportunity to catch up.

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