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Management Team Workshop (also compliant to ISO9001 Management Review)
Identifying the best key performance indicators (KPIs) and reviewing them frequently is critical to a company’s success. I can work on-site with your management team to develop an effective performance review routine including a reporting template, training on effective meeting management and coaching of the team on responding effectively to the performance outcome (corrective & preventive action).  KPIs – Management Team Workshop

Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)
Having an effective corrective & preventive action process will help your business respond effectively to missed performance objectives and nonconforming conditions. I can work on-site with your team to help design a straightforward process, and provide training on several powerful root cause analysis methodologies like 8D, 5Y(Why) and Fishbone Analysis with emphasis on following up using internal audits to ensure the effectiveness of the actions taken. I also offer a 3-Day Workshop introducing 5S, lean and Six Sigma. Day 1 is a training event, followed by a 2-day hands-on workshop designed to solve a real problem at your facility. Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)

Internal Audits
Internal audits are one of most powerful (and underutilized) tools available. Internal audits promote self-evaluation and teamwork, and they provide an excellent opportunity to identify areas for correction (CAPA) as well as continual improvement. I can work on-site with you to develop an internal audit program including an audit schedule using Microsoft Outlook, and a hands-on workshop which incorporates internal auditor training with the completion of actual internal audits to get your program established quickly and effectively.  Internal Audits

Integrating the management system with the training process is a terrific lean way to leverage the training process and dual purpose it to serve also as the basic management system. Eliminate running duplicate processes in parallel by combining them into one. I can help you develop an easy-to-use training process, create a dual-purpose document design and structure, and provide a Train-the-Trainer workshop.  Training

Identifying processes and developing custom training for each of those processes is essential to an effective management system.  I can work through each of your processes to create a complete set of system tools, training materials and training records.  8 Week Boot Camp.

And upon successful implementation of the processes and training materials, enhanced training and skills including 5S, Lean and Six Sigma can be added to optimize your overall training program.  5S, Lean and Six Sigma Training.