Training Program Integration

trainingIntegrating the management system with the training process is a terrific lean way to leverage the training process and dual purpose it to serve also as the basic management system. Eliminate running duplicate processes in parallel by combining them into one. I can help you develop an easy-to-use training process using TWI (Training Within Industry), create a dual-purpose document design and structure, and provide a Train-the-Trainer workshop.

TRAIN-THE-TRAINER – Includes a 1-Day on-site Train-the-Trainer workshop with your training leader to design an effective training process (including TWI (Training Within Industry), eliminate duplicate written instructions, create an infrastructure and develop a training development plan.

EXECUTING THE TRAINING PLAN – Includes multi-day support on-site with your training leader to fulfill the training development plan including training needs assessments, needs fulfillment plans, training records management (matrix) and creation of training materials.